POST tp/contact/add

Adds a contact to the address book of an indoona user: a contact acts on behalf of an entity of the Application which can exchange messages with a user or in a group. Returns the added/modified contact.

N.B.: this API can be used to modify an existing contact, by specifying different data.

Resource URL


name description
user_id (optional) to be specified only when using an application-level token
contact_id a unique numeric identifier for the contact to be added
display_name a display name for the contact
avatar_url (optional) the HTTP(S) url of the contact’s avatar.
capabilities (optional) a list of contact’s capabilities separated by spaces (e.g. "group_add interactive"): the contact will have default capabilities, if not specified




	"contact_id": "123",
	"display_name": "John Doe",
	"avatar_url" : "https://appdomain/avatar/contact3.jpg",
	"capabilities" : ["group_add", "interactive"]